Child’s play: super simple sprinkle biscuits even a 4-year-old can make

1 Mar

When it rains, it pours and when there is a bored four year old in the house, look out. So it was that Miss 4 and I were up to our elbows in sprinkles during the non-stop rain today to create a batch of probably the easiest bickies in the world. I used to make this recipe as a kid and it gets wheeled out when the children want to bake and I can’t be bothered being challenged. Aside from using the oven [and perhaps the Kitchen Aid] these little lovelies can be made by the junior chef in your home. As you can see from the pix, Miss 4 loves getting hands on in her baking.

They can be decorated with 100s & 1000s, nuts, choc bits… whatever floats your boat.


140g softened butter
3/4 cup caster sugar
1 egg
1  1/2 cups SR flour
splash of good vanilla
decorations of choice [I *always* use 100s & 1000s and for this batch I also used peanut butter chips – swoon]
Preheat oven to 160C, line 2 trays with baking paper.
Using KitchenAid or electric beaters mix everything except your decoration items until all combined [this won’t take long].
Roll into small balls [about the size of a 20 cent piece] and place on tray and using a fork dipped in flour gently press until flat. These biscuits spread a fair bit so ensure there is plenty of space between each one.
Add decorations, then cook for 12-ish minutes/until golden. Allow to cool for  a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool. Eat.
Told you they were super simple.

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