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Roasted cauliflower open pie – vegetarian

24 Sep

Vegetarian cauliflower pie



I do not recall the exact date that roasted cauliflower became my children’s favourite cooked vegetable but suffice to say, it was a case of ‘oh happy day.’ Continue reading


Vegetarian pumpkin lasagne

23 May

vegetarian pumpkin lasagne.png

IMG_0746Not tooting my own horn or anything but my vegetarian lasagne rocks. I know this because Misses 8 and 10 demolish bowls and bowls of it every time I cook it. Continue reading

Warm slow cooker cheese baby spinach dip

15 May

cheesy spinach slow cooker dip - The Hungry Mum

I am that person who is more than happy with dip, cheese, crackers and wine for dinner on a Saturday night when I’m with friends. Last night was such a night – an impromptu invite to a friend’s house seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a dip from scratch. Continue reading

Eggplant parmigiana

4 May



So, here’s some exciting news – next week I am teaching a vegetarian cooking class at our local college! It will be the first time I have taught anyone anything in a formal setting so I am excited slash nervous. Not only that – the class has sold out! No pressure, then… Continue reading

Easy lunchbox idea – vegetarian cheesy muffins

20 Apr


Today is the last day of the Easter school break here in Sydney and it is cold and raining. We have my best friend’s daughter over for the day and I have used this time when gals are distracted to get my bake on.

In between dancing and building a fort Miss7 decided she wanted to help out and I suggested she make something that she can take in her school lunchboxes. We decided upon savoury muffins, something I have never made before.  Continue reading

The Hungry Mum Out & About: Adelaide and South Australia

24 Sep

I have *the* best mum-in-law in the world. So many people have strained or difficult relationships with their mother-in-law but I’ve been really blessed to score such a wonderful, generous, intelligent woman. Recently she organised a weekend away in Adelaide for the Hungry Dad & myself AND babysitting! Yes, it was a child-freeImageree break and it was fab! Must see places [for those planning a trip] include Chapel Hill vineyard, Woodside Cheese, Shaw & Smith vineyard, Adelaide Central Markets [farmers market that is huge & full of lovely stuff. Sydney could do well to emulate it] and the gorgeous German village of Hahndorf. Making a good thing even better was the chance to catch up with the beautiful Rebecca Dettman, AKA @MissPsychette. Here’s a random selection of pix of my weekend away.