Two quick and easy soup lunches

3 Mar

I *adore* soup. Even in summer I’m happy to eat soup for lunch and dinner and happily Misses 4 and 6 have inherited my love for a bowl of soup. As such soup features frequently in the Hungry Mum household.

Now that autumn is here and the skies are dark I have a real, legitimate excuse to partake in the medicinal beauty that is soup.

I make a super speedy Asian inspired soup for THE quickest meal ever but I must say, I have yet to get the girls to grow to love this.

Start by gently frying some minced garlic and ginger in a saucepan and add a splash of fish sauce and lime juice. Add some boiling water and when it returns to the boil add some dry noodles [such as soba]. Add sliced Chinese greens and sliced tofu and a generous splash of soy sauce. When noodles are ready ladle into a bowl and garnish with copious amounts of corriander. If you have some kaffir lime leaves floating around you can add one to the pot during cooking and finely slice another for garnish. Remove the one used for cooking prior to serving. Sluuuuurp.

My other fast soup recipe is another Asian-sinpred one, based on the Chinese restaurant classic of corn and crab meat. If you are Chinese please look away now lest you are mortified by this Anglo-ification of a centuries old recipe…ImageIn a pan gently fry minced garlic and ginger until beginning to colour. Add some vegie stock and half a can of creamed corn and a tin of drained crab meat. Stir, then increase heat. Add one beaten egg and a good splosh of sherry. Throw in some sliced spring onions and you are done.

Both quick, cheap and delicious.

Are you a soup fan?


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