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White chocolate cinnamon blondies recipe

29 Feb


White chocolate  cinnamon blondies

I am totally and utterly in love with blondies. I find they are just as gooey and moist as their darker brownie cousins but with the added bonus of being more adaptable to different flavours.  Continue reading


Easy one bowl white chocolate and strawberry blondies

25 Jun

The Hungry Mum white chocolate & strawberry blondies

I recently baked and blogged rich, dark chocolate brownies. These were a decadent treat and one for adults only.

This time it is sweetness and light in the shape of fresh strawberry and white chocolate blondies.

I made these as a thank you for a lovely friend, Maria, who was the first person to ‘like’ my brand spanking new Hungry Mum Facebook page! Feel free to like my Facebook page – and I’ll like yours back 🙂  Continue reading

Funfetti white chocolate blondies

1 May

Funfetti white chocolate blondies

I cannot tell a lie – I did not make the vision of loveliness you see before you. That was Miss9, who created these funfetti white chocolate blondies by herself from woah to go.

That child is a way better cook than me, and unlike me, her repertoire includes non-sweet items. I am happy making cakes, I am unhappy making dinner #groundHogDay

Miss9 is passionate about white chocolate and when she saw this recipe in a recent issue of Super Food Ideas’ magazine she raided the pantry and whipped these up in no time. Continue reading

Orange liqueur cake with white chocolate ganache

15 Mar


I wish I could be paid to spend all day trawling Pinterest for delicious things to bake. I mean, I’m good at it. I enjoy it. I can and do spend hours falling down baking-related rabbit holes. But I just don’t think anyone is going to whip out the chequebook any time soon.

Sigh. Continue reading

Donna Hay sprinkle whoopie pies – perfect for children’s parties

27 Feb


Play dates require planning and commitment and nerves of steel. Yes, it should just be fun and easy but in my experience it is having a famished flock of children descend upon the kitchen every 15 minutes with wails of ‘we’re huuuunnngry’.

The playing takes second place to the feeding and a child who has just finished lunch will be able to put away enough food to put a sumo wrestler to shame.

With this in mind I made chocolate whoopie pies in anticipation of a double play recently. Yes, a food to keep even four little girls satiated for more than 5 minutes needed to be portable. To be sugar-filled. And most importantly, to be pretty – dousing a cake in colourful sprinkles will have that effect. Continue reading

Donna Hay white chocolate and macadamia biscuits / cookies

12 Jun


So as you may have noticed I quite enjoying baking 🙂 I especially love sharing my baked goods with family and friends – despite my adoration of turning sugar, flour and eggs into cakes and biscuits I’m not such a sweet tooth. #teamSavoury.

As is my wont I made these Donna Hay white chocolate and macadamia bickies [or cookies, for my American friends] and took them into work this week. My friend Jane declared these morsels to be some of my best work. When I relayed this compliment to the Hungry Dad he agreed.

Continue reading

The best salted caramel blondies recipe

11 Apr




I receive umpteen cookbooks to review in my day job at the Fairfax community paper where I work. It is one of the highlights of my job and I love reading through them and seeing what brilliant cooking minds are coming up with. Some books are incredible, some mediocre but the ones that stand out are the books that have that something extra.  Continue reading

Home-made raspberry & white choc chip biscuits

10 Feb

It was baking o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Cruising the blogs for inspiration I was stunted by indecison – so much home-baked goodness to choose from. How to decide? 

Seeing Veggie Mama’s [veggiemama.com] droolworthy recipe for raspberry & white chocolate cookies cinched it – we had raspberries, we had white choc chips – we had a winner.

This is easy enough to whip up while referring the quibbles of the under-six set, who by the way, inhaled these and happily polished off the remainder of the frozen berries. So helpful. I make fairy incy bickies as I am of the opinion that it is better to have several small rather than one large [especially in the realm of baked goods/ dark choc bars/glass of chardonnay…]. I did reduce the amount of brown sugar by a quarter of a cup for those who are keeping score…


125 g butter at room temp, diced

1/2 cup caster sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 egg at room temp

2 cups plain flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

dash of vanilla extract

3/4 cup-ish white choc chips

frozen raspberries


Preheat oven to 170-ish C and line 2 baking trays with baking paper.

Cream sugars and butter until fluffy and a pretty light sand colour.

Add egg and vanilla and continue beating [it may look ugly here but it will all even out].

Using a metal spoon stir in combined flour & baking powder until combined, then add around half the white choc chips.

Roll into a ball around the size of a wlanut and flatten gently. Decorate with raspberries and more choc bits.

Bake 12-ish minustes until they are lightly golden and remove to baking trays to cool.

Watch kidlets inhale.