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The Hungry Mum Out & About: Adelaide and South Australia

24 Sep

I have *the* best mum-in-law in the world. So many people have strained or difficult relationships with their mother-in-law but I’ve been really blessed to score such a wonderful, generous, intelligent woman. Recently she organised a weekend away in Adelaide for the Hungry Dad & myself AND babysitting! Yes, it was a child-freeImageree break and it was fab! Must see places [for those planning a trip] include Chapel Hill vineyard, Woodside Cheese, Shaw & Smith vineyard, Adelaide Central Markets [farmers market that is huge & full of lovely stuff. Sydney could do well to emulate it] and the gorgeous German village of Hahndorf. Making a good thing even better was the chance to catch up with the beautiful Rebecca Dettman, AKA @MissPsychette. Here’s a random selection of pix of my weekend away.



Sunny Sunday drive + a market find in Illawarra

5 Feb

Markets make me happy. Craft markets in old-fashioned CWA halls make me want to dance with excitement. Finding the charming Stanwell Park Village Market today during a Sunday drive was sheer luck. This was one of the smallest markets I’ve ever visited but it was absolutely a case of quality over quantity. Stalls were inside and out the hall proper which was complete with a 1950s-era portrait of Her Majesty and beautiful red velvet drapes on the stage.

We met the lovely Louise from Northern Illawarra Organics, who was justifably proud of her fresh crops. She does the markets circuit as well as home delivery. A selection of her glorious produce is in the large photo below. We were cashless but managed to scrape together enough coin to buy one exceptionally fresh looking corn on the cob which I can’t wait to try!

Sharing the hall were other craft stalls as well as delicious looking morsels courtesy of Katie’s Kitchen including muffins and vegetarian filo pastries.

The gals loved looking at all the lovely hand-crafted treasures and we vowed to return another day with cash.

Do you enjoy browsing markets?