Dippity-doo-dah, dippity-eh [in praise of dip]

4 Feb

ImageApparently dip is now included in the food pyramid as a must-eat food. How else to explain the six tubs of dip in my fridge? This isn’t in the lead-up to a party and doesn’t include the jars of olive tapenade, pesto, soft goats cheese designed [in my humble opinion] for dipping and so on. This is just standard in my fridge. And of course all six were duplicates and of course, all six were open. Hommous, tatziki and beeetroot dips are used at The Hungry Mum’s casa for spreading on sandwiches in lieu of butter [sometimes just as a sandwich filling, for the junior members], for dunking celery in [no double dipping, natch] and funnily enough, as a dip for water crackers. Whenever entertaining the under six set at our shindigs a platter of hommous and crackers is the norm and I find children who would normally turn their gorgeous little button noses up at anything remotely exotic [see hommous] can’t get enough of the nutty, creamy dip. It also packs a protein punch, so what’s not to love?


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