Homemade Monte Carlos on a rainy day

2 Feb

So, it has been pouring here for what seems like weeks but is actually only two days. Perfect baking day – to the recipe archive! Homemade Monte Carlos it is and away we go. I hadn’t tried this recipe before and boy was I in for a shock – two of the ingredients weren’t mentioned in the instructions, leaving me to guess where they should be added. These bickies were such a disappointment that I didn’t end up using all the mixture. Once stuck together with luscious berry jam and whipped thickened cream they were a hit with the in-house, under six years food tasters but I won’t be using this recipe again in a hurry.

I had intended to share the recipe here but I wouldn’t want to inflict it on you.

Instead, here’s a pic of the finished product:

Monte Carlos sandwiched with fresh cream & jam

Have you ever had a big baking disappointment? 


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