The best brown sugar cookie recipe to bake

7 Feb

the hungry mum

brown sugar cookies 1

So, exciting news sports fans: Miss9’s soccer team will be playing at half-time of tonight’s Matilda’s game! For those that aren’t into soccer, the Matildas are the Australian national soccer team and they are playing Vietnam tonight at a stadium half an hour away. Miss9’s team will take to the field at half-time to play a short game. Yippee!

To keep energy levels up I have made these brown sugar cookies for the team (Miss9’s, not the Matildas!). I have made brown sugar bickies many times but they have never been as good as these.

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Baileys chocolate cupcakes – Valentines’ Day dessert

5 Feb

Valentines Day chocolate Baileys cupcakes  The Hungry Mum

Got someone in your life that you love? You love yourself, right? Well make these Baileys chocolate cupcakes right now and bring some more happiness and love to the world. Continue reading

Caramel baked doughnut recipe

3 Feb

Caramel baked doughnuts - The Hungry Mum

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who very much looked forward to the annual show held in her town.

The show took part in a park just footsteps from the little girl’s home and as the big day approached – it was always at the end of November – she watched in excitement as the show took shape.

One of her favourite stalls was run by the local boy scouts, who made and sold hot doughnuts. In today’s overly cautious world it is hard to imagine a group of rambunctious boys and a huge pot of boiling oil, but back then it was fine. Continue reading

Easy buttermilk chocolate cake recipe

1 Feb

Buttermilk chocolate cake with buttercream

Buttermilk is an easy way to almost guarantee a soft, delicate-crumbed cake. And don’t think you need to rush out to buy another product that you won’t use all of as making your own buttermilk couldn’t be easier. Continue reading

Chocolate fudge birthday cake

30 Jan

the hungry mum


It was my baby brother’s birthday recently and a cake was absolutely in order. By baby I meant he is nudging the upper end of his 30s but in my heart he’s still the funny little boy who used to fall asleep standing up while playing with Matchbox cars.

My mum hosted a family lunch and bought my bros an ice-cream cake – sort of as a joke, sort of because he actually requested one. Obviously a real, actual chocolate birthday would also be needed.

I found the ideal recipe in David Herbert’s Best Ever Baking Recipes and it was not only a snap to make, it turned out exactly like the photo in the book! Huzzah! It tasted rich and fudgy and decadent – a perfect birthday cake.


100 g butter, diced, at room temperature

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

250g caster sugar

100g dark chocolate melted


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Quick and easy dog treat biscuits

29 Jan


Dog treat biscuits. The Hungry Mum

My mini schnauzer Popcorn is a sucker for treats. She should really be on the Schmackos ad – she recognises the sights, smell and even sound of a pack of these dog treats through closed doors, out of the house and into the garage where they are kept. Continue reading

Cherry coconut and chocolate squares

27 Jan

the hungry mum


Here’s a fun fact: I dislike cucumbers but love pickles. In sorta the same vein I dislike fresh cherries but love Cherry Ripes. I’m not a massive chocolate fan [it was a different story when I was a teen] but when the choc urge strikes it just HAS to be a Cherry Ripe. The makers occasionally taunt me with a ‘limited edition’ extra dark chocolate version of Cherry Ripe but once they have been discontinued I go into mourning. Every time I’m in a $2 shop I greedily search out any left-over stock but it often amounts to disappointment and heart-break.

When I found a recipe for this easy slice that contained many of the ingredients of a Cherry Ripe I was hooked. You can find it in Family Circle’s Biscuits and Slices book, which is an oldie but a goody. This is ideal for a morning tea as it…

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