Margarita cake with tequila

15 Sep


Recently, well actually several months ago, my lovely friend Jane had a birthday. Jane had requested a Tim Tam cake [for my non-Aussie friends, Tim Tams are our national treasure chocolate biscuit] but I spied a recipe in my beloved book ‘Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth’ that I knew she would love. And boy, was I right.

In the book it is referred to as margarita drizzle cake but I am calling it simply margarita cake. Or, as many of my work friends commented after sampling it, the best cake I’ve ever made. Or, tequila cake with lime, if we want to keep things simple. All are true. Trust me on this – you NEED to have this cake in your life. Continue reading

Vegan popcorn fudge: The Sweet Swap 2014

8 Sep


I recently took part in the second annual The Sweet Swap, run by the lovely Belly Rumbles and Chewtown. This is an Australia-wide even where bloggers create a batch of something, are matched with three other food bloggers, and send their parcels of yumminess to those three bloggers. In return you receive three lots of sweet teats form three different food bloggers.

Imagine all the behind the scenes work done by Sara (Belly Rumbles) and Amanda (Chewtown) in putting it all together! Continue reading

Rosemary chocolate chip cookies / biscuits

2 Sep


I have written before about my wonderful rosemary bush, which thrives despite the neglect we show it. It is vibrant, green, and always happy to provide a sprig or two whenever we deign to visit it. Poor tree.


These rosemary choc chip biscuits (as we call them) or cookies (for my American readers) are amazing: a bewitching combination of savoury and sweet. They marry perfectly with a cuppa or a glass of something stronger (don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone.) Continue reading

Family outing: Sydney Fish Market

27 Aug


The Hungry Family loves getting out & about in Sydney and exploring the countless wonderful sights. Despite being born & bred Sydneysiders we as a family could often be mistaken for tourists – every time we’re anywhere near the harbour we snap multiple photos, and often the girls are asked to be in the photos of random tourists.


Recently we took Misses 6 & 8 to Sydney Fish Market. I hadn’t been there in a decade or so but I lurve seafood so decided to pay a visit.

So much choice. So much deliciousness. So much fresh seafood silently urging me to buy! Buy! Buy!

The gals will eat fish but that’s about it for their love of seafood. The Hungry Dad is happy to eat almost anything [the exception being smoked salmon, which means more for me. Huzzah!] and I love it all – except mussels. Don’t ask me why…

The gals loved sussing out all the creatures, including crabs, oysters and scampi. I think they were horrified by some of it :)


IMG_7926 IMG_7928 IMG_7933

So we bought fish, prawns, and squid to take home. And of course, fish and chips.

Things to know: in winter it is cold here! We were rugged up but the bitter wind meant there was no chance of us dining in the large al fresco area. We ended up eating the F&C in the car, which was not really great.

Also, the floors are slippery, despite the many slipmats. Flat shoes with good grip are a must, people.

Aside from the fish merchants there’s also bakery, a deli and fruit shop. And soooo much food to eat! Everyone sells amazing food – I felt 10kg heavier just looking at it all.

IMG_7932 IMG_7934 IMG_7940

We drove but you can get there via light rail from Central Station. An hour was plenty for us and parking is just $3 if you can be in and out within 59 minutes.

A swanky makeover is in the works for the markets and to be honest it is needed. The area, so full of potential, would really benefit from some TLC.

IMG_7939 IMG_7947

Sydney Fish Market is also home to the Seafood School, where you can take hands-on cooking classes with a focus on seafood. I’d love to do a class here one day…


Rum baked donuts / doughnuts with booze

20 Aug


Yes – a donut with alcohol. How genuis is that? It combines lots of the good stuff that makes life worth living. Plus it is baked, so you don’t have to worry about scary boiling oil. Or is that just me? I will not boil oil under any circumstances. #scaredyCat


I have a mini donut pan but am on the look-out for a normal size one. These are teeny tiny so it means you can eat more – score!

Don’t worry if you’re not a big drinker as the rum taste won’t knock you out [or over] – it just adds a zing that makes your heart sing. Or something.


I found this recipe from and tweaked it


1 cup plain flour

1/3 cup sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup milk

3 tablespoons rum

1 egg

3 tablespoons butter, softened



Preheat oven to 180C and in a large, heat-proof bowl whisk flour, sugar and baking powder together.

Place milk, butter, egg and rum in a medium saucepan over a medium heat, stirring all the while, until the butter melts.

Remove from heat and pour into the flour mixture and gently stir until combined.

Grease a doughnut pan with cooking spray. Fill a large ziplock bag with the mixture, snip off one corner and pipe into pan.

Depending on size of pan bake for between 9 & 13 minutes / until a skewer comes out clean.

Gently remove from pan and cool on rack. Eat warm [sooo good] or allow to cool completely before dusting with icing sugar.


Donna Hay orange poppyseed syrup cake

14 Aug


Going through my stats recently it occurred to me that you all love Donna Hay. This makes me incredibly happy because – as you may have guessed – I too love Donna. I have mentioned it many MANY times here before so it is wonderful to see that we are in simpatico :) Continue reading

How to bake lemon bars

8 Aug


I was unaware of the tarty deliciousness of lemon bars until about a week ago. I had seen umpteen recipes on international blogs but it wasn’t until my mother-in-law presented me with a bucket filled to the brim with lemons from her tree that I decided to make them.

Hello, tastebuds. Continue reading

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