Double chocolate giant skillet cookie – a big bickie that you bake in a frying pan!

31 Dec

An easy and fun last minute dessert for New Year’s Eve.

the hungry mum

Giant double chocolate bickie

I bake most days so generally the family is pretty blasé about my baked treats. This giant double chocolate skillet cookie is the exception. Upon pulling it from the oven I was met with a chorus of ‘oooh, yum!’, ‘that looks amazing!’, ‘I’m going to eat the whole thing’ etc etc.

Miss 10 adores white chocolate, so I used white choc chips for her. The Hungry Dad and I love dark chocolate so added them for us. Miss 8 has yet to meet a type of chocolate she didn’t adore so she would be thrilled with anything with a trace of cocoa in it.

As always, the simple things in life are often the best – this recipe is basically one huge chocolate chip cookie that you bake in a skillet / frying pan in the oven. Ensure that your pan has a metal handle – do not place a…

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One Response to “Double chocolate giant skillet cookie – a big bickie that you bake in a frying pan!”

  1. heartandsoul974 December 31, 2018 at 11:16 pm #

    Looks so yummy! I would make it for tonight but I’m trying to skip desserts for awhile! Christmas eating got out of hand!☺️

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